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Kivitos Tou Kosmou

Okay To Play delivered washing machines to this orphanage based in Athens, Greece summer 2016. 

The Cuirim House 

We donated notepads and crayon packs to children in Nogales, Mexico by partnering with the Cuirim House, a nonprofit based in Lynchburg, Virginia. The delivery will take place winter 2016. 

Saint Basil Academy

 Okay To Play went to St. Basil Orphanage in Garrison, NY. The children picked roller blades as their gifts. We played with them all day, talked, and had fun!

The Children’s Guild


 We delivered games, toys, and National Aquarium passes to the girls at Children's Guild in Baltimore, MD.

Johns Hopkins Childrens Hospital

   Okay To Play went to Johns Hopkins Children Hospital and delivered Xboxes for the holidays. We are grateful for our local community.

The Ark Preschool 

   Okay To Play donated a big basket filled with books and art supplies! Just what they needed!

The Woodbourne Center

   We delivered Xboxes to the The Woodbourne Center, an all-boys foster home in Baltimore, MD.

International Projects

   We have expanded outside of the United States and into Greece and Afghanistan. We delivered to an orphanage in Lamia, Greece, and also to children in Afghanistan through the US troops stationed in the country.


Blackout Party 11.21.15


We organized a Blackout Party (that is, dress in all black) to benefit the Kivotos tou Kosmou orphanage in Greece. We mainly advertised through the Greek youth community and raised $10,000. The delivery was in August 2016! ( 


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